Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The Boat House was a popular rental space before COVID, but Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight says it’s time for the city to cut its losses and sell it.

“People want to invest, and if they got the money to do it why not let them do it put our money elsewhere where it needs to be put, if we’re not able to upkeep and take care of it,” said Commissioner McKnight.

The Recreation Department estimates The Boathouse needs one point three million dollars in repairs to get back in business.

“I think the value of the Boathouse can’t be replaced, but certainly if somebody is willing to do something with it, we should have the conversation to see what that looks like, but I would be willing to maintain it in the city coffers,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

As Commissioners face a debate of repairing or selling the Boathouse, Mayor Davis says to keep the   property but not the old building.

“There’s been this conversation about making an investment in it to quote bring it up to speed I think I have been adamant about it, it needs to be torn down and a signature facility built,” said Mayor Davis.

Old Fire Station number 7 is another city property proposed for sale but the Fire Chief telling commissioners the city should keep it because of its historical value.

“Right now, the place is just deteriorating same as Boathouse, day after day things are getting worse,” said Commissioner McKnight.

Commissioners making no decision on whether it wants to sell, fix up or start over with its city property.