Board of Elections meet with legal team in public zoom call about filed complaint

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UPDATE: Members of the Richmond County Board of Elections met virtually Wednesday morning to discuss allegations against Corey Johnson.

Jo’Rae Jenkins, who came in third behind Johnson and Francine Scott in the June 9th election, alleged that Johnson does not live in the district in which he qualified to run.

Johnson disputes that claim.

The board has denied Jenkins complaint saying it was submitted in an untimely manner. The window for her to file such a complaint was back in March.

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Original article below:

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Richmond County’s Board of Elections is having a special called meeting with their legal team this morning.

They’re talking about where they stand in a complaint filed against Corey Johnson in the Super District 9 commission race.

Former Super District 9 candidate Jo’Rae Jenkins filed this complaint Monday.

Georgia state law says you must live in the state for two years, and the district for at least one year.

Corey Johnson says he’s lived in Super District 9 for 16 years. He says he owns other properties, but the address in district 9 is his primary residence.

“I vote from here. My homestead exemption is here. My taxes is paid from here. My tag, my drivers license, you know all that stuff is from here. So, you can only have one primary residence,” says Johnson.

Jenkins says she has proof otherwise.

“We have already reached out to an attorney who is helping us with this case and if we have to go to superior court we will,” says Jo’Rae.

She says even if he is not elected she will still pursue this matter, but there are many implications to this case.

In Georgia, when a candidate qualifies for a race, there is a two week window where their eligibility can be challenged.

This window for Richmond County was back in March.

The Board of Elections will meet with its legal team in a public zoom call this morning. They’re trying to see if it’s too late to have a say in all of this.

Executive Director of the Board of Elections, Lynn Bailey, says, “we’ll be talking about if there is any action that the Board can take at all, or whether because there are actually votes involved at this point, does the Board of Elections not even have any insight over it at this point in time.”

The meeting will be held at 10 AM. For the link CLICK HERE.


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