Blight tax suggested for Augusta


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) This is something that’s catching city leaders’ eyes and they don’t like what they see, grass and weeds six, seven, eight, feet tall is it worse not than past years in places yes are solutions easy to come by the answer is no.  

For many city leaders the Garden City is becoming the eyesore city. 

“We need to hold the owners of the property accountable if the properties are owned and leased out to renters the owners still have the responsibility that their property is maintained,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

 Lots of properties are not being maintained in Augusta and Friday a commission sub-committee will meet to determined who is responsible for enforcement and the best ways to get things cleaned up, 

 “Something has got to happen we can’t just let people trash our city that’s what they’re doing is they’re trashing our city if you own this property its yours you have to take responsibility for it,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.   

Some city leaders suggesting a blight tax meaning if you continuously failed to maintain your property, the taxes on it go up, until you do.  

 “We don’t have a process that sticks it to the people who are not doing what they’re supposed to the blight tax you put people on the list you add taxes to it,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.  

But not all overgrown lots are owned by taxpayers the city owns about 300 lots many of those overgrown and eyesores, 

“Whoever owns these properties has to be responsible and clean them up hopefully this subcommittee will bring all that out,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.   

 City Housing officials say they were cutting city properties twice a month but COVID cause the company doing the work to dissolved however bids are going out this week for a new company to take over so things should improve going forward at least on the city properties, in Augusta George Eskola NewsChannel 6. 

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