Black cat superstitions: does it hurt their adoption rates?


Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Two animals most associated with Halloween are owls and black cats. Many superstitions surround black cats which may make them less appealing for people looking to adopt.

photo courtesy of Wendy Dill

Fun fact– black cat superstitions are the most common superstition in South Carolina. The most well known one is that if a black cat crosses your path– you’re going to have bad luck. And during the Middle Ages, black cats were thought to be witches in disguise.

Some believe that black cats are in more danger at Halloween than the rest of the year because of people that may want to hurt them due to these superstitions.

Crystal Eskola, Deputy Director at Augusta Animal Services, said she’s heard people talk about it in general, but she’s never heard of that actually happening. She said that the lower adoption rate of black cats may have less to do with superstitions and more to do with how common they are.

Photo courtesy of Donna Gallagher

“We have lots of black cats. Black is the predominant color in the gene. So, you’re going to have more black animals whether it’s dogs or cats. We just love them regardless of what color they are. We just want them all adopted,” she explained.

Augusta Animal Services is having a $15 adoption special for all of its animals. They are all spayed and neutered, up to date on their shots and microchipped.

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Photojournalist: Reggie Mckie.

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