Bigger vehicles banned from Broad Street parking bays


Susan Milnolfo, works on Broad Street downtown and knows it can be a tight squeeze in the parking bays. 

 “It can get really tight in here if there are bigger cars in here or longer cars it does make it difficult to come in here and park,” said Milnolfo.

Bigger vehicles are causing some cramped  conditions in the parking bay so the city has been up signs at the entrances,  letting drivers know that vehicles over 18 feet,  are no longer   allowed  to park there. 

“A lot of people now driver vehicles that are larger than they were 20 or 30 years ago so some of the larger vehicles just cause issues when they try and park getting in and out of the parking wells,” said Traffic Engineer John Ussery. 

Commissioner John Clarke pushed for the size limits saying here’s heard  a lot of complaints. 

 “Because when a pickup truck over 18 feet parks there especially if one is on either side people can’t drive through,” said Clarke. 

That was the case downtown when these two vans were parked  in the parking bays, creating  a traffic jam. 

“Means I can’t go through there,” said one driver. 

 “It’s a safety issue it’s also a convenience issue,” said Commissioner Clarke. 

Traffic officials say most vehicles are less than 18 feet long  so most drivers will not be impacted,  but the restriction  will apply  to some of the bigger  pickups, and  vans. 

 “What do you think of an 18-foot restriction  do you think it will make it easier in here?” 

“I think it will but I think it will be I just think we need more parking,” said Milnolfo. 

 Enforcement of the restrictions will be the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office traffic officials say this only temporary the parking bays will be going away when Broad street goes under it’s TIA funded street-scape  project in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six. 

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