AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s happening at Daniel Field, but that’s not the only place where Augusta is not collecting stormwater fees. 

“Anytime you have a program where there is not really any strong ramifications for not paying, I think that’s something you need to take a look at,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

Last week, city leaders voted down an in-depth audit of the stormwater program even as entities like Daniel Field hold back payments.

“We need to hold the people accountable who aren’t paying, let’s bring to light some of those, let’s understand the process of why Daniel Field says it shouldn’t pay or should they be paying that sort of thing,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

It’s not just Daniel Field, the city airport is third on the list of the city’s largest overdue accounts. Two on the list are more than $50,000. Add up all five and it tops $200,000 the city has not collected.

“My issue would be to get on the ball, get them all in collections so people would start paying the bill and therefore we could provide a better service to our community,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“When you take into account there’s two hundred grand that hasn’t been spent when you look at it that’s one more time that the contractors could cut all the right of ways that’s a big amount of money,” said Commissioner Garrett.

City policy says unpaid stormwater bills can be turned over to collection agency but when it comes to these big bills, the answer is not yet.