Big changes ahead for Richmond County in the 2019-20 school year


Parents, major changes could affect your students next year.

Now that school is out for summer break, the Richmond County Board of Education is looking at many ways to improve your child’s learning environment.

NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson spoke with superintendent Angela Pringle. She says everything they have planned is in the best interest of parents, teachers, and students.

Dr. Pringle adds RCBOE is striving for innovative classrooms and more resources.

The school system made some changes this year and is planning to make more.

Dr. Pringle says they shifted the focus from traditional, to stem classrooms.

“To teach our kids about innovation, and strategy they can use in real life to improve your circumstance,” said Pringle.

The superintendent says the purpose of the K to 8 schools, and the new one that’s on the way is to expose students to cyber opportunities the city offers.

“We must engage our students,” explained Pringle. “We must engage them at their level, find their interest, and make school exciting for our students.”

That engagement with the students has led to what Dr. Pringle calls an uptick of 2,000 students graduating.

She also says students in Richmond County got about $25,000,000 in scholarship offers. 

“When you increase your advanced placement, dual enrollment, and IB participation, colleges are interested,” said Pringle. “They’re interested in those students.”

And teachers get a lot of credit for that success. They’re getting a $3,000 pay raise. 

“We have so many opportunities in Richmond County,” explained Pringle. “Innovative programs for them to teach within. Opportunities for growth, additional certification, opportunities for gifted reading, and endorsement.”

And a lot of people will have to adjust their alarm clocks in August. The board is looking at changes to school start times and end times.

“With setting school times, you’re always looking for ways to reduce the bus ride for students,” said Pringle. “That’s what really what it comes down too.”

Parents, you can hear what other changes that could affect your students. The Richmond County Board of Education is having a regular board meeting on June 11th at 3:30 pm. 

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