Bids prove problems for ambulance service


 Getting into the Ambulance business is proving easier said than done. 

A memo from the Procurement Department says none  the bids from the ambulance firms looking to work with the city could be recommended,

The plan is to go out again for a new round of proposals.

Some commissioners have been critical of the  fire department lawyer being in  contact with one of the companies bidding before it  entered  a proposal.

But she says that had nothing to do with the rejected bids. 

“To make an assumption that it has anything to do with the RFP that eventually came out from Augusta Georgia is just an inappropriate  assumption,” said City Attorney Jody Smitherman. 

According the memo some of the reasons the bids were rejected include companies asking for an advanced subsidy, only offering one ambulance, when the city was looking  for nine.

And offering ambulances but not the staff to operate them.

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