Bicycling sales soar, as Augusta residents get active


Augusta residents are finding ways to relax and take their minds off of the stress surrounding the Coronavirus by walking, running and biking.

Brett Audrey, owner of Outspokin’ Bicycles says he’s definitely seen an uptick of business during the past few weeks because people want to get outdoors.

“I think it’s very important especially this time with all the people being trapped inside,” said Audrey “if you can get outside and keep your distance it’s good to keep the blood flowing.”

While servicing new customers with new bikes, Audrey says half of their regular customers rely on their services because bicycling is their only way of transportation.

“This is their only means of transportation, they use this to get to the doctor, to get food or just to get out of the house.”

Outspokin’ has been servicing the Augusta community for more than 40 years, but to services customers they’ve had to upgrade their services to be consistent with social distancing guidelines.

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