Be aware of Mosquito during the winter


AUGSUTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It’s a virus with the power to affect brain cells. Those infected with the virus will have swelling of the brain, which is one of the primary things known to kill people. Infectious disease doctor Jim Wilde works at the Medical College of Georgia. He tells me it’s a dead end infection.

“There will be an alteration in your consciousnesses, which is what encephalitis refers to. It’s a change in the ability to use your brain,” says Dr. Wilde

Every time the temperature gets above 62 degrees mosquitoes get active. I also spoke to someone with Richmond County Mosquito Control. She tells me there are about 16 different types of mosquitoes and the highest record count caught in Richmond County nearly 400.

“We set two different traps. one type that collects recently emerged mosquitoes, so mosquitoes that are looking to bite someone. They need a “blood meal” in order to lay their eggs. Then we also set trap that are to collect mosquitoes that are looking to lay their eggs,” says Annie Thompson.

Calling prevention to be the best medicine.

“when bugs land on clothes that have permethrin, the permethrin kills the bugs,” says Dr.Wilde.

“You want to start thinking about wearing repellent again. Of course most people this time of year have long sleeves on and long pants on. So that takes care of part of it. The other things is the mosquitoes that we are most concerned about are active at dawn and dusk,” says Fred Koehle who works with Richmond County Mosquito Control.

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