Bayvale Elementary students plant garden for day of service


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Bayvale Elementary held a day of service to honor those lost 18 years ago, on September 11th and those who stepped up on the day of the attacks.

Any other day students would be in the classroom, but today their plans changed.

“Today, FoodCorp has a national service day for 9-11 to commemorate those who served in 2001,” said Arielle Kremer.

Students, with the help of the school’s FoodCorps member, Robert Sims, are joining in on the day of service.

“I decided to connect the school nutrion with some of the kids at Bayvale Elementary and today we are working on upgrading the garden,” said Sims.

As of right now, the students have added carrots, beets and plan to do more with their garden.

“The principal want collards, so we’re going to do a whole bunch of collards…some cabbages, so we can send some people home with food for Thanksgiving,” said Sims.

Not only are the students giving back to the community, but they’re learning as well.

“We can actually incorporate farm to school across the curriculum from literature, to writing, to history of gardening and agriculture, to engineering and science. So it’s really something that we’re not just incorparating outside but inside the classroom as well,” said Kremer.

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