Banjobque big test for future of Lake Olmstead Stadium


They were looking high and low as Augusta leaders came to Lake Olmstead Stadium to see its condition in advance of next week’s festival.

“They cleaned and power pressed the seats in the stadium and all of that, so I think we’re pretty much ready. There’s just some cosmetic aspects they have to work on,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

One item the city worked on was the large patio deck which will be in use for Banjobque, the city spending $70 thousand dollars to get the deck repaired for the event. 

“The deck is awesome. That is one beautiful deck, they did an excellent job. It’s a great selling point for the facility,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Last year commissioners decided to change the focus of Lake Olmstead Stadium, voting to make it into an amphitheater, so commissioners say Banjobque is an important test for the future. 

“I think it’s the top of the food chain. I think this is going to be a driving force to show that people want to be here. We got to be a good welcoming committee and make ourselves available to the public on what needs to be done here,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

Commissioners have approved $85 thousand dollars for consultants to look at transforming the stadium into an amphitheater, city officials have estimated a $10 million dollar price tag.

“I’m not an engineer but I’m an elected official trusted with the custody of the taxpayers money. I don’t see where we need to spend $10 million dollars here,” says Commissioner Sammie Sias. 

Commissioner Sias and other city officials say improvements are needed instead to make Lake Olmstead stadium a better events venue.  

City officials are talking about new dressing rooms behind the outfield wall, and a permanent stage, something that won’t be in place for next weekend’s Banjobque.

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