Bamberg Barnwell Emergency Medical Center now open


WEST OF DENMARK, S.C. (WJBF) – A new healthcare option is available for residents in Bamberg and Barnwell County, South Carolina.

Bringing back a needed resource, The Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg building a nearly 21,000 square-foot, freestanding 24/7 emergency department.

“I feel really good because the community really needed it,” Rob Busby told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk.

It includes everything these two counties need including 24-hour emergency care including ct scan, x-ray, and a lab.

“I feel like a miracle just dropped in my lap,” Denmark, South Carolina resident Denna Miller Berry said.

Berry is one of the thousands of residents who faced challenges when it comes to healthcare. Her daughter suffers from a terminal illness they are now less than a mile away when the need arises.

“We’re here at home and she’s having an emergency, we’re what, an hour away from our nearest hospital by the time we get there, her episode is done and they don’t’ know what to do. Now we can catch her episodes while they are actually in action,” she said.

The facility is located between the cities of Denmark and Barnwell to be easily accessible for folks in both counties. 

“Matter of fact, I went to the emergency room about three weeks ago and I had to go to Orangeburg for an asthma attack,” Busby recalled. “Now if it were to happen again, we are a little bit closer.”

Healthcare may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the new center but Berry says it can also help another segment of the population. 

“A lot of nurses, doctors, clinical professionals who work in the healthcare field who had to travel almost an hour two hours to get back and forth from work now they can transition and transfer here and then also job opportunities for those who are qualified but just had issues with getting to and from work.”

The facility will have at least six doctors providing services to patients.

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