Ball fields not the only option for Fleming Park


Back in February Augusta Commissioners approved emergency re-wiring and re-lighting here at Fleming Park,none of that work has taken place because the future of Fleming is still very much up in he air.

The cry of play ball is still not being heard at Fleming Park, four months after Augusta Commissioners gave the go-head to re-wire the complex where 12 year old Malquan Robinson was killed.

“I think that was a little fast and I think it was based on not enough information or the final results from the inspection and Investigation,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

At last week’s Recreation work session Fleming Park was a big part of the discussion, city leaders hearing that a Recreation Department contractor was looking at different options for Fleming.

“Bring back some recommendations as well as some cost estimates on various options to include green space, memorial gardens or even rebuilding the park,” Central Services Director Takiyah Douse told city leaders.

Green space and memorial gardens at Fleming could mean doing away with the ball-fields .

“You know its a a tough call there’s I think there’s some perception issues maybe out there no matter how you restore that to a ballfield,” said Interim Recreation and Parks Director Ron Houck.

“Get rid of the ball fields totally and turn it into a green space or memorial park is that what the neighborhood wants?”

“I’m not sure that’s what they want but we want something done,” said Community Activist Angela Harden.

“I think if they fix the problem it should be good for kids because always need something to do and some place to go,” said Pearlie Lambert.

Commissioner Dennis Williams district includes Fleming Park he does not support doing away with the ball fields

“I think that is doubtful, it’s still a ballpark, we need the ballpark we talk about recreation of facilities in our community and that’s one it’s just one that has a dark past so to speak” said Commissioner Williams.

Contractors will be presenting their options on Fleming Park to Commissioners sometimes shortly commissioners telling the administrator make it a priority in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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