LINCOLNTON, Ga. (WJBF) – Back Paddle Brewing is a small batch, craft beer, and farm to table eatery in Lincoln County, Georgia.

Over the years the brewery has been known for its good food, music, and giving back to the community with its Beer4Good fund.

“We’ve donated to multiple local non profits, a lot of pet rescues, Lincoln County doesn’t have our own shelter, so we’ve donated to a lot of those, veterans nonprofits, and then every November donate between thirty and fifty turkeys to the local community,” said McCloud.

Now, Back Paddle Breweries latest charity venture has gotten a lot of attention on social media.
They reached out to the community for submissions for their “Dad Bod” charity calendar.

“It took off, I think it got over 500 shares, 600 likes, and comments in less than twenty four hours. We’ve had hundreds of submissions come in to the email address, and then some of those multiple pictures with each submission, so it’s been way bigger than we thought it would be.”

Owner Kyle McCloud was blown away by the response.

“We’re probably one of the smallest breweries in the state of Georgia, definitely the smallest in the CSRA, and to have people embrace our silliness has been absolutely fantastic.”

While Back Paddle Brewing loves to have fun they’re thankful that so many people want to help support a good cause. So If you’re a dad who wants to be immortalized in the charity Dad Bod calendar, it’s not too late to dust off your camera.

“Cutting off the deadline for submissions on June 5th, June 15th we will unveil the twelve lucky gentlemen for the calendar. We hope to start presales at that point, and hopefully have actual sales, and hopefully a big blowout at Back Paddle Brewing.”

With a firm understanding of the Dad Bod Calendar there was only one question left to ask.

Do you think I have what it takes to be Mr. December?

“I think it’s definitely a top 5 or 6, you can make it.”

So if I submit I have a chance?

“You have a chance.”

You can submit photos to The submission deadline is June 5th.