AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The low stock on baby formula in stores has lasted for months.

“You have babies who are six months on and even four months on and they’ve been doing formula, so how can you just stop them from doing formula.” Said Qeona Greer, who is a mother.

“It’s a struggle just because I can go into Walmart at the beginning of the month  it’ll be a lot of formula and then once I receive my funds in the middle there is no formula at all” said Kaliya Bolden, mother.

The shortage is now causing parents to turn to other options when feeding their babies , one of them being breastfeeding.

Qeona Greer who is pregnant and due in September says she plans to breastfeed, but sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work out. And if the shortage on baby formula continues she may be a little hesitant.

” Just because you never know you know people have all these plans when they have kids and sometimes that’s just one of the things that doesn’t work out.” Said Greer.

Kaliya Bolden says even though her five-month-old baby uses baby formula she has tried to breastfeed along with other alternatives. 

“I say try everything out there, they make peels different foods talking to a lactation consultant really help me out a lot.” Said Bolden

Sally Wood is a lactation consultant in Augusta. She says breastfeeding is the best option and approved by the FDA.  However it’s best to educate yourself as much as possible.

“Formula is not a bad thing but if you had your choice breastmilk it is superior to the formula.” Said Wood.

And for those who started off breastfeeding but stopped …

“You Can re-lactate if a mom had a full amount of milk or a good amount of milk in the beginning, but she let it dry up we can work with her , a lactation consultant can work with her get that milk back.” Said Wood