AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A new mystery-thriller film is wrapping up filming in Augusta.

“Awaken” centers around a fathers search for his missing daughter.

“Really, what this film is about, is moments and I think everyone has a moment in their life that they would like to have a second chance at and that’s sort of what we are experiencing in this film,” said the films writer & producer Charles Agron.

The film stars actor Tobin Bell who played “JIGSAW” from the “Saw” film franchise.

“Awaken” was shot entirely on location in Augusta.

The films producer said the production chose the Garden City because of the convenience, plethora of locations, friendly crew and affordability.

“It came down to either Atlanta or Augusta and we had some conversations with some locals and ultimately we decided to give the road unknown a chance and we’ve enjoyed our time here,” said Agron.

We spoke with the films Line Producer Mark Crump about what it meant for so many locals to be working on the film.

“Well that was my goal when I first started talking to them to make sure that this was a production that would employ almost all locals and at this point were pretty lucky that we have about 85, 90 percent locals working on this project,” said Crump.

No release date has been set for the film as of yet.