Commissioner Sammie Sias has monthly breakfast at Jamestown Community Center despite being removed from operations


HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) — Some people say they were wondering if Commissioner Sammie Sias was going to have his second Saturday Community Breakfast. Sias was there, as well as a packed room of people hungry for food and for answers.

Second Saturdays at the Jamestown Community Center are for the people in district four to eat breakfast and discuss issues in the city with their elected leaders. On July 30th, commissioners voted Sammie Sias to be removed from the operations, management, and maintenance of Jamestown while the investigation against him is underway.

“The only person who had the authority this morning to not allow him to have this meeting would’ve been the Sandridge Neighborhood Association,” explained Augusta Commissioner for district six, Ben Hasan. “Because they are the ones who have the contract. Even if you turn back over to the City of Augusta currently guess what; the commission normally shouldn’t be able to bar him out because he still has all his rights.”

Commissioner Hasan says the people are not here for the background noise. They are here for their district leader to inform them on city projects, and ordinances.

“He still has all of the same rights that commissioners and the mayor have at this particular time,” said Hasan. “If he is doing the functions we normally participate in; for most important we will continue to do that at this time.”

If there was a motion for Sias to stay away from the community center, what does his presence at his monthly breakfast meeting imply?

“It would diminish in him in somewhat if he did not have some public meeting on the second Saturday,” said Robert Ingham.

Another person says he sticks by Sias’ side through thick and thin.

“As far as I know his a great person,” explained Willie Waltower. “About his individual personal life; I’ve never got into that, I don’t know anything about that. But just as a neighbor, commissioner and a friend, he is a good guy.”

During the meeting, issues including animals ordinances and the Augusta Depot project was the focus. Commissioner Sammie Sias was not available for comment.

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