AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Destination Augusta is now weeks into the exciting launch of its latest project.

“If we were to close our eyes, how can we imagine an Augusta that feels like a thriving community with experiences that attract people to come here?” said Bennish Brown, President and CEO of Destination Augusta.

This single question is the foundation for Authentic Augusta Experiences- a curated collection of 10 immersive attractions for locals and visitors alike.

“We worked with a consultant who develops these immersive experiences across the country,” said Jennifer Bowen, VP of Destination Development & Community Engagement at Destination Augusta. “And first there was a little bit of some secret shopping done here in Augusta to learn about what is it that we already have to offer- what’s already there and what can be built upon?”

The ten attractions and experiences are meant to engage all five senses and offer an adventure that is uniquely Augusta. 

You can become a bartender for a day at a mixology experience. Or, you can put on your detective hat at the Augusta Museum of History, become an employee at Enterprise Mill or run an experiment at Phinizy.

“I think now we see just nothing but pride among all of the partners we work with,” said Brown. “They know they’ve delivered something that is quality and can continue to work and be refined- very much a quality product.” 

Other experiences include a tour and curating your own art- even in the form of delicious cuisine.

There’s also a chance to meet historical Augusta figures.

“I’m certainly moved by the story of the black caddies- The Men on the Bag,” said Brown. “Because it has a  story they can only, that can only be told in Augusta. And it’s a story that can only be told by the voice of those men.”

Bowen tells us they have already heard back from people about their experiences.

“They had a great experience,” said Bowen. “And we expect that to increase. The longer that they are out there and the greater the word is spread, we’re sure that we’ll hear great testimonials.”

Each Authentic Augusta experience is offered at least twice per month to the public. For more on how to schedule your Authentic Augusta Experience, visit