Update 02/22/23: Dahman’s Revenge is a little over a week away from it’s grand opening at its new location, 436 Fenwick Street, Augusta GA, 30901.

The veteran owned business has had a lot of buzz around it since opening, and recently they celebrated their 1,000th reservation.

Augusta’s first rage room has had plenty to offer, and now the owners have reached out to inform us about its newest additions.

The new features are a car smash, a Glo paint splash room, and even a pillow fight room.

The new location also boasts plenty more room for patrons to break, and smash objects for fun and stress relief.

Dahman’s Revenge re-opens on March 1st, with festivities happening through the 4th.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Dahman’s Revenge was Augusta’s first rage room, and very soon they’ll be getting an upgrade.

The veteran owned business features rooms built for you to smash objects in a safe environment to release stress and have a good time.

Since opening the community has shown nothing but support for the business. So when a move in location was announced on social media, we stopped in to see what new features people can expect.

“We’re super excited to announce that we’re moving to a new location, just to be able to provide you guys with what you’ve been asking for. We’ve been listening,” said Rhina Dammann.

Where’s the new location going to be and why the move? What have people been asking for?

“We’re going to move to Fenwick Street, it’s going to be downtown near our friends at the brewery. People have just been wanting more space, more activities, a more well lit space. We understand we’re in a warehouse area and it does get dark, and it seems a little shady for people to drive down here at night, so we wanted to provide them more opportunities to do this in a different way, and feel safe when they’re coming to see us.”

What’s been the response from the community since you opened?

“Augusta loves us, and we love them back so much. People give us positive feedback all the time, they tell us how it’s impacted them to have this. A lot of people tell us it’s cheaper than therapy, so they appreciate us being here. We have a lot of teenagers that come by, we’re big Aunt’s to a lot of children now, so we’re excited.

Can you give us an idea about some of these new features?

“I want to keep people surprised but I will say that it’s a lot bigger, so there’s going to be a lot more ways to do this, just in different ways. We are going to add a car, amongst other things.”

When can people expect this grand re-opening?

“March 1st-4th we’re going to have different events every single day that week, and that’s going to be our grand opening week. So we hope to see you guys there, we have something for everyone between three, all the way to the end, so don’t miss out, and follow us on social media.”

Anything you want to say to the people of Augusta for making you a success?

“Thank you, we love you guys so much, and we can’t wait to see you at our new spot.”
We’ll be sure to follow back up with Dahman’s Revenge closer to their grand opening.