AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s the scars left behind at Lake Olmstead Stadium, but the work performed for the planned concerts last year is not working for Augusta.  

“What they started on work, it’s not a baseball field anymore, it can’t be utilized anymore in my opinion,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Three big Masters Week shows did not make the cut last year at Lake Olmstead Stadium. Planned improvements never happened, that is not what was expected when Augusta signed a ten-year deal with C-4 Live three years ago to bring shows to the facility.

“They were going to invest millions of dollars into renovations of that and improvements in the facility, sounded like a great deal, looked like a great deal,” said former Commissioner John Clarke.

But now the city and the Development Authority are filing a suit, seeking a minimum of one million dollars in damages from C-4 Live for breach of contract.

“We thought we had a great partnership we’re disappointed where we are today, I mean we still hope Lake Olmstead is going to be a future venue everybody will enjoy as of now I don’t see a path forward,” said Cal Wray, President of the Augusta Economic Development Authority.  

After the shows were canceled last year, the promoters said it was due to dangerous soil conditions. But it is lawsuit the city says the “Defendant was fully aware of the soil conditions as they existed prior to performing any work at the Stadium.”

“And the Defendant abandoned the project at the stadium for its own economic reasons unrelated to any subsurface conditions.”

It was a deal expected to lead to years of great concerts, now it’s leading the city to court.