AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The ambulance zone saga in Augusta continues Monday as the full EMS council will meet. They will vote on a recommendation to award Central EMS the city’s ambulance service contract.

NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers spoke to some people who live in Augusta to get their take on the controversy. There were mixed reactions, but they all had one thing in common- frustration with the situation.

Some people want to see Gold Cross gone, saying response times are too slow and it’s a problem. They believe it’s time for a new company to take over.

Others said Gold Cross has done a good job in Augusta and they don’t want anyone else.

Stephen Watson is concerned about what may happen if Gold Cross ends the contract with no back up in place.

“It’s kind of concerning, just a little bit, just to know that we won’t have an ambulance service. I think that Richmond County should have control over our ambulance service. Just knowing that I can call 911 or somebody may have a heart attack, or just anything can happen. And knowing that we don’t have anybody to be able to come out, it definitely is a worry,” he said.

Mayor Pro tem, Brandon Garrett, said that if Gold Cross drops the month-to-month contract they have to give the city a 30-day notice.

Watson isn’t reassured.

“And that worries me. Just for the fact that we’re on a month to month, it kind of scares me that they have that ability to kinda, pull out here or there. The 30-day notice is nice, but it still can happen at any time,” Watson said.

The EMS Council votes today. The state Department of Health can either accept it, reject it or order a hearing.

Photojournalist: Will Baker.