AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Cars were lined up at May Park in downtown Augusta with eager people going inside the Community Center to receive a COVID-19 vaccine along with hopes to earn some extra money.

“Ever since the Augusta Commission announced it, we’ve had phone calls, people coming to the clinic wanting to know more about the incentive and things like that,” said Georgia Department of Health Interim District Nursing Director Rebecca Kershner.

More than 100 people received their vaccination at May Park Wednesday.

Dustin Famiglietti said, “I got vaccinated because I believe in respect for the law and I believe in protecting one’s self and family and friends.”

“There has been a rise of cases. We are peaking quite high right now,” said Kershner.

Right now, the Richmond County Health Department is only dispensing Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Doses from Johnson & Johnson are on backorder.

The vaccine incentive gift cards will not be mailed out, according to Kershner. Plans for people to receive them are in the works.

She said, “However for those who did get their second vaccine August 19th through September 7th, we are working on a plan in order to get them their $100 incentive so we will make sure that is happening. It’s just not going to be today it will probably start next week.”

“I wasn’t 100% behind it but I did vote in favor of it because you have to adjust your thinking sometimes. And the objective was to get people vaccinated so what I felt or thought that was against it, really didn’t matter,” said Augusta Commissioner Dennis Williams.

A vaccine recipient must be fully vaccinated to get the city’s $100 incentive and the shot has to be administered at an approved clinic.

“Even though the $100 is nice, I think you do have to have some consciousness about wanting to come out and be vaccinated in order to even to come out wanting that $100. I think it’s just getting those people who were on the edge and now they’re like, ‘Oh, okay. Now I have a reason to go get it.,” said Kershner.

Famiglietti added, “That to me was just a bonus. I would’ve done it irregardless.”

If you were vaccinated at May Park Wednesday, you need to return on October 6th to receive your second dose in order to be eligible for the incentive.