AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A native Augustan’s nonprofit is now in full swing.

When he’s not creating opportunities for the underserved, business and nonprofit communities in Augusta, Hawthorne Welcher, Jr. is preparing young men for success. 

For years, Welcher has worked as the director of the Housing and Community Development Department in Augusta.

This year he’s launched his nonprofit aimed at preparing youth to be successful as they go out into the world.

“I want to be sure that we’re sort of filling those gaps,” said Welcher. “To be sure that we’re furthering and building the skill sets.”

He tells us the name, Left Handed Principles, was inspired by his experience as a left handed person who often had to find alternative ways to learn growing up.

“I think for me it’s an alternative to think, ‘hey, we must continue to be able to give back to the community’,” said Welcher.

Welcher hopes to focus on things like social and business etiquette.

“When to wear hard heels, sneakers, those things,” said Welcher. “But, every young guy- every man- should know how to tie a tie, how to tie a bow tie, how to properly put on an ascot. So, those are some of the community gifts that I want to continue to give in my off time.”

Guided by the motto “save the son, save the city”, Welcher wants to continue to serve Augusta by building upon his housing and development work.

“When we talk about ‘save the son, save the city’,” said Welcher. “‘Son’ can be synonymous with ‘daughter’, ‘son’ can be synonymous with ‘community’…for me, it’s about being able to walk that yellow brick road for others to be the example, be that epitome to say, ‘hey, you can diversify’. And there are 24 hours in a day- let’s truly use 24 hours.”

Through his nonprofit, Welcher tells me his goal is to provide services for youth all the way up to non-profit and business support. For more information on Left Handed Principles, click here.