Augusta waterline to be re-routed


Augusta’s main waterline is in for a change of direction.  

Work is getting underway to re-route a section of the city’s 60 inch water line off Washington Road, across from Augusta Nationals Gate 1. 

This line carries water from the Pumping Station to the Highland Avenue Treatment Plant. 

The detour is to get the pipe out of the way of a project on land owned by the Golf Club. 

“The Augusta National has some work going on that piece of property that fronts Washington Road. Where it is now interferes with what they have planned so they’re relocating it,” says Augusta Utilities Department Director Tom  Wiedmeier.

“Who is paying for the work?” 

“The National is,” said Wiedmeier.  

Wiedmeier says the city is monitoring the work and  the pipe will be off line for about a week..

He says that should not impact water service since this is a time of year when usage is down. 

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