COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Next week, Turner Construction Company will hold an information session for local contractors who want to help build a new Columbia County hospital.

The community and local companies are all invited to learn more about how they can be a part of this new project.

“Obviously, it’s a community hospital. Augusta University is really gonna be focused on making sure that they provide opportunities for all those local businesses in the area on the construction of the firm– of the hospital,” Turner Construction Co. VP Community and citizenship Theresa Schroeder said.

Turner Construction is looking for people who are ready to help build what will be the only hospital in Columbia County.

“Some of the new packages we’re gonna have available is concrete, masonry, steel millwork. They have to obviously be in business for a period of time, be able to provide bonding and those types of financial stabilities,” Schroeder said.

The drive for this new development by Augusta University and Turner Construction is community benefit.

“So, really to have a hospital with this technological advancement and the commitment and investment that they’re putting in the community speaks volumes,” Schroeder said.

The informational event will have opportunities to work on the hospital, but also gauge people’s interest in working at the hospital.

“One of the things in the survey is, are you interested in working at the hospital? So, you know, there’ll be information there for those who are interested and like ‘well, what jobs are available once the hospital’s built,’” Schroeder said.

That information session is scheduled for January 25.  If you want to pre-register for it, click here.