AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The web sign up process puts the information gathering on the plate of the patient including appointment generation for the first and second dose of vaccine.

Vaccines in the Peach State are still being limited to healthcare workers and those in Georgia over 65 in the “Phase 1a” rollout.  Augusta University says, it is still waiting for approval and allocation from South Carolina to vaccinate those residents.

After providing all the appropriate demographic information, the patient is directed to pick a day, time, and location to receive their first vaccine.  The patient is then prompted to do the same for the required 2nd vaccine.

According to AU’s Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Dr. Phillip Coule, the move to put the information gathering and appointment setting back on the patient will free up valuable time for healthcare staff to actually give the vaccines smoothing out the process. 

Dr. Coule adds after an appointment is made by the patient, all they have to do is bring the proper identification when arriving.

“That’s all we have to do at the site, and the documentation by the staff is literally like 2 clicks after finding that person in our system.  So it makes for a much smoother process by allowing people to enter that information upfront including the electronic consent forms and information about the vaccine.”

Augusta University Health is prepared for demand to outweigh supply and will only offer appointments until all supply is designated to a patient. 

AUMC says, that as more vaccine becomes available they will add appointment availability to the signup portal.  Dr. Coule emphasized in his interview that the reason for the website creation was to streamline the process  but also to not overload phone systems within the hospital network. 

He tells WJBF, calling the vaccine site or the hospital will not increase the amount of vaccine material availability. 

You can find the link to sign up HERE.