AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta University launched the ‘JagPulse’ program on Wednesday to get students and faculty more involved with local nonprofits.

“Usually students, it’s hard to find opportunities on their own, with ‘JagPulse’ it’s right there,” said Aeris Xiong, a first-year student at AU.

Various nonprofit organizations set up tables at the event for students to look at the different causes and sign up to volunteer.

“It’s a front door for community partners in Augusta and surrounding areas to immediately connect with Augusta University volunteers,” said Kristie Johnson, the community engagement manager at AU.

SafeHomes of Augusta, GLM2, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Affect the Culture, the Greater Augusta Arts Council and the Jessye Norman School of the Arts were there.

SafeHomes of Augusta provides services to men, women and children who are experiencing abuse.

“Some things that they can do is help out in shelters, cook meals for us, help with donation organizing and coming to events like this,” said Hannah Meagher, the outreach coordinator for SafeHomes of Augusta.

GLM2 provides housing and long-term aftercare for women and children who’ve been affected by sex trafficking and domestic violence.

“When you find something that you’re passionate about, you’re going to volunteer your time, you’re gonna get involved,” said Kimberly Walden, the founder and CEO of GLM2 Foundation. “And there’s so many people here that are wanting to make a difference.”

This opportunity will not only benefit the lives of people in the community, but will also help the students’ career goals. 

“They’ll be able to produce what we call a service learning transcript which employers love. They love to see what you’ve done academically in the classroom, but they also want to see how you’ve given outside of the classroom,” Kristie Johnson said. “So, we’re really excited today. Students are coming out, logging on and serving our community.”

Students and staff can log on to JagPulse using their university single sign-on credentials. They can also track their volunteer/service hours and have access to their service transcript.

There will be another JagPulse launch party on Thursday from 11:30-1:00 at the J. Harold Harrison, MD Education Commons lobby.