Augusta University launches a first-of-its-kind Intelligence & Security Masters Program


Cyber security taking another step forward. Augusta University is launching its new Master’s program to build the workforce.

It’s Augusta University’s Masters of Arts in Intelligence and Security. Classes kicked off this week, but the brains behind it all, says it couldn’t be a better time or place.

It’s Augusta University’s Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security. Classes kicked off in August, but the brains behind it all, told us it couldn’t be a better time or place.

When many think of cyber security, people working in front of a computer to combat internet threats comes to mind. But in reality, it’s much more complex. That is why Augusta University created a Political Science master’s program unlike any other in the nation: ‘How terrorists recruit, how ISIS recruits online. What does ‘cyberterrorism’ mean?, Dr. Craig Albert, Graduate Director of Intelligence and Security Studies explaind. “How do you look out and prepare for an attack?”

…Just some of the things students in Pamlin college’s newest masters program will learn. It’s a two year, full time degree. With a diversified class, Dr. Craig Albert said it’s off to a good start: “We are trying to merge academia, military and practitioners of the field to protect the United States and create for a better globalized world, so that we don’t have to worry about something breaking into something larger.”

Ryan Rappold is one of the 11 students who is diving into the opportunity. Having a bachelors in Political Science and more than 20 years in the military, he is looking forward to see intelligence and cyber operations outside of service: “It will be very exciting for someone like me to take a look at it through more of an academic lens. There are a lot of people in this class that are not part of those fields.”

And amongst the crowd: NSA workers.. possible employers for graduates. Donny Weber said just for fun, last night he Googled the program: “The first one that came up was Johns Hopkins. The third one that came up was the Citadel. The second one was Augusta University. Not a bad place to be.”

And Weber explained there is a plug for everyone in the cyber field: “We have nurses, psychologists, HR professionals, business management aquisition people. It takes a village to be able to do this really well. 

And still, there a huge need for people in the work force. If you are interested in learning more about the behind the scenes of cyber CLICK HERE to learn more. 

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