“There is a lot of talk in national media about the national economy going into recession.”

But what about here locally? Professor Simon Medcalfe studies economic trends throughout the year.

At Augusta University’s 11th annual Economic Forecast, Medcalfe said the CSRA has had the most growth in manufacturing and private business. On the opposite spectrum: the health field. 

“Some of it may be that we have reached capacity in a way, so there is not much more growth to be had there,” says Medcalfe.

It’s all to gain a deeper understanding of our economy. Columbia County’s median household income comes in at $70,000 while no other county in our region even hits $50,000.

And for unemployment rates, Burke, McDuffie and Richmond counties have above average numbers. 

“There are variations in different counties based on the different demographics of that area and the education of those people.”

But as far as what county is the economically “best”  place to live, Medcalfe says there is no answer.

Yes you may make more money in Columbia County or be more likely to find a job in Aiken, but since 40% of the private businesses are located in the heart of Augusta, commute times are less in the Garden City.

Medcalfe says based on research, the labor market is expected to slow down in 2019, but here locally, there is a less than 2% chance for a recession.