Augusta University Health collaborates with Jvion to launch AI-powered COVID-19 Back-to-Work Assessment


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The US economy lost more than 20-million jobs in April. More than 30 states are lifting stay-at-home orders to kick start the economy.

As Georgia and other states begin to reopen, Augusta University Health will offer a tool to help local businesses return to work safely.

“We are partnering with a company called Jvion to do predictive analysis of who is most at risk for COVID-19,” said Dr. Phillip Coule.

Jvion, a provider of clinical AI, and Augusta University are collaborating to launch an online back-to-work assessment.

“It allows a person to answer about 25 questions,” explained. Dr. Coule. “Based on those questions, we will essentially leverage a 30 million patient database.”

AU’s Chief Medical Officer told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson the assessment is only offered for employers in Augusta. Employees will answer CDC related COVID-19 questions and pairs it with Jvion’s algorithms to provide personalized back-to-work guidance.

“They’ll get a response back that says: you are lower risk, you can return to work, and they can provide for their employer,” said Dr. Coule.

For those at high risk —–

“We would recommend them that they don’t return to work until they can have some testing done,” said Dr. Coule. “For those in the middle, we recommend they see a healthcare provider assess their risk, and discuss to fully determine if testing is needed or if it’s okay for them to return to work.”

Dr. Coule says the back-to-work assessment also helps build trust between employers, the workforce, and their customers by showing proactive measures are being taken.

“We think this is going to be a valuable tool for people to understand their risk,” said Dr. Coule. “It also allows some assurance of the employer that somebody has looked at this with some math, science, and hard medicine behind it to say this employee is safe to return to work.”

Dr. Coule believes other states will follow suit due to shutdowns inflicting economic burdens upon millions of families.

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