AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Here in Downtown Augusta more 1,300 students graduated from Augusta University, closing one of the most memorable chapters in their lives. 

As they say goodbye to college today, some graduates already know what’s next. 

“I’ll start working at an office in Lilburn in June, so I’m really excited about that and just hopefully, starting to enjoy my labors of actually getting this degree. So, yeah just enjoying life, working and doing what I love,” graduate of the College of Allied Health Autumn Philpot said.

“Right now I accepted a job in the ED, so I’ll be a nurse in the emergency department and we’ll see what’s after that,” graduate of the College of Nursing Jocelyn Bell said.

The university held two graduation ceremonies, the first at 10 a.m. and the other at 2 in the afternoon. 

One student not only made it into a selected group of future dental hygienists, but she also graduated with honors. 

“I really– honestly– getting into this program was really competitive; there’s only 30 of us in each cohort. That was a big accomplishment in my opinion– finishing it, passing my boards, like I said, still getting to enjoy life while I’m in the program, I feel like… I got into the Honors Society today– today we had our pinning ceremony,” Philpot said.

Graduates expressed how grateful they were to also take their learning outside of the classroom. 

“We’ve been doing clinicals all nursing school and I’ve gotten to go and see all different kinds of floors and really figure out what passion I wanted to pursue and I’m glad I found it because I found it through my clinical experience. I’m going to be working on an orthopedics floor here in Augusta,” graduate of the College of Nursing Danny Ciamaichelo said.

Students say their college experience is one they will never forget and they’re glad to have made it to the finish line.