AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s something many Augusta garbage service customers have in common: trashing the service.

“There’s no recycling. I mean if you say you’re doing recycling, do more recycling,” said Susan Bell.

”I have a little trouble some time them picking up stuff that falls out of the bin I guess they can’t get out of the truck or something,” said Cyrus Lowry.

And while city trash service is not getting bigger, the fees for thousands of customers are. The fee has recently gone up $10 – to $320.50.

But are residents getting better garbage service, ten bucks more?

“Not really no, they’re really slopping about it it’s in the ditch half the time,” said Vicki Mitchell.  

The garbage fees are on tax bills and many didn’t even know there was an increase. The city didn’t go out of its way to publicize the increase.

“If they’re going to do that, the service has to improve to right? I don’t see where it’s improving,” said Lowry.

City engineers point to the ten-year-old contract with the haulers that includes an escalation clause based on the consumer price index. They say the real price for the service should be $370.

Leo Price says he understands the increase. “You got to do it. If you don’t do it, you can’t afford fuel, you can’t afford tires. Probably go out there and see what it costs to put fuel and tires on vehicles,” said Price.

“We have to have our garbage picked up but we really don’t have a choice. I would like to see it get better. If I have to pay it, I’ll pay it, but I would like for it to get better,” said Bell.

But Augusta’s trash service is apparently not getting better, just more expensive.