Augusta trash customers support keeping recycling


Augusta.Ga (WJBF) Augusta trash customers have grown accustomed to having the city pick up recycling at the curb, many don’t think it’s time for it to end.

“I think it should stay It could be beneficial in the long run,I don’t people really think about it,” said Kendall Smith.

But city leaders say China is no longer in the market for recyclables so there’s no buyers for the materials but customers support the program.

“I like recycling I think they should keep it,” said Carlita McKenzie.

“It loses money.’’

“I don’t think it loses money I just think they should keep it,” said McKenzie.

City leaders saying less than 30 percent of trash customers recycle, and most don’t do it right.

Saying 80 to 85 percent of the materials are contaminated and can’t be recycled.

That’s prompting commissioners to say this program that needs to go.

“We have a terrible, ineffective, waste of money recycling program to a certain degree,’’ said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

But some customers say the program can be fixed instead of tossed.

‘”I think people keep recycling but I think there should be more education on what you should recycle because a lot of people throw out stuff that can’t be recycled,’’ said Caitlin Edmonds.

Commissioners did not vote to toss out recycling today because they said they were not satisfied with the plans on how to phase it.

Commissioners approved spending 25-thousand dollars for a needs assessment of the Environmental Services Department, they say during that assessment they can determine whether to keep recycling or phase it out.

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