AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The City of Augusta’s public transportation is bringing in electric buses. And they’re expected to be on the road in 2025.

“An electric bus is similar to a diesel or CNG bus. The biggest difference is that it’s zero emission, zero tailpipe emission. So similar to a light duty like a Tesla,” said Chase Stell with Center for Transportation and the Environment.

A $6.2 million grant and a $1.1 million match from the City of Augusta will be used to purchase five new electric buses for Augusta Transit.

The buses will operate the same as diesel buses, just with a higher technology system.

“So we help agencies like Augusta Transit on this new  technology to make sure it’s successful for the communities where it’s being deployed,” said Stell.

Georgia Power also plays a major role in this project.

“We will provide the make ready the infrastructure for bringing the power to the chargers and we’re also working with them to provide a turn key solution for the chargers themselves so they’ll be commissioned and ready to go,” said Cathy Randolph with Georgia Power.

“Not only as it relates to providing the infrastructure but making sure they’re on the correct rate when we power up the electric chargers,“ said Tammy Harrington, also with Georgia Power.

Deputy director for Augusta Transit, Dr. Oliver Page, says they received 6 diesel buses earlier this year and plans to replace outdated buses. “This is all part of our bus replacement plan. As a diesel bus reaches its replacement age, we’re hoping to replace those diesel buses with electric buses or clean energy buses,” said Dr. Page.

Dr. Page says although the buses won’t be in use until 2025, nothing will change for riders. All it takes is for you to hop on the bus and take a ride to your destination.