Augusta Transit System opens up bus route 2


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Bus route 2 in Richmond County is back up and running, but only Monday-Friday.

Originally they suspended bus route two from a lack of staff and it was the least traveled route. So, they are grateful to bring it back.

Other routes to be aware of are routes 5 and 7. They are on the same path but the transit office reduced travel to one bus per route so there might be increased wait times.

The office was able to do some recruitment to bring back bus number two, but they are still in need.

Deputy Director, Augusta Transit, Dr. Oliver Page, says, “a Bus Operator is very people-focused operations. You are coming into contact with hundreds of people every day, and so there are some retired bus operators who live in Augusta CSRA that could come back and have chosen not to.”

Masks are required on all busses and so is keeping a 6 foot distance. That means their biggest busses have a max capacity of 19 riders.

Page says there might be longer wait times because there has not been a shortage of riders.

The bus drivers have the ability to call the Sheriffs office if riders don’t comply. If they still are a disturbance, they can call federal authorities.

“Our riders have been very cooperative, and we thank them for that. Our drivers have been trained how to diffuse situations and they only reach out to the Richmond County Sheriff’s office as a last resort,” says Page.

If you would like to become a bus driver, you can head to Be aware of pre-requisites like background and drug tests and getting a CDL license.

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