AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Downtown Augusta may soon see some positive changes. Augusta Tomorrow is working on a new master plan for developing and revitalizing the Central Business District and the river front.

The organization has seen decades of success with its projects. For more than 30 years, Augusta Tomorrow has planned and carried out projects designed to better downtown Augusta.

Previous successful projects include the Augusta Common, the Riverwalk, the Augusta Riverfront Project, and, most recently, the 5th Street Pedestrian Bridge.

The projects are half funded by public entities and half by private. Last week, the City of Augusta approved $150,000 the $400,000 Augusta Tomorrow has budgeted for the plan.

The board is in the early stages of planning, but has some ideas.

“So some of the things that people have talked about that are on some peoples mind are things like the Boat House. Things like the Augusta Common expansion. Things about some property in North Augusta over right along the river. Extending the Riverwalk,” explained John Cates, board member of Augusta Tomorrow.

Augusta Tomorrow has met with North Augusta mayor Briton Williams, who says Augusta Tomorrow is doing positive things and he sees value in working with them to better both sides of the river.

Cates said Augusta Tomorrow compiles a new master plan about every 10 years or once 80 percent of the previous plan is complete and its time to start looking at a new one.

Coco Rubio is an owner of the Soul Bar and ALMA Presents as well as a longtime advocate for downtown revitalization.

He told NewsChannel 6 he is impressed with Augusta Tomorrow’s accomplishments, and would like to see existing venues be updated.

“But when you go back towards that stage, the 8th street stage, it needs to be fixed up. It needs electrical work, you know,” said Rubio. “And so, to me they need to do those kinds of things. Because we already have the foundation here, we just need to maintain and upgrade and keep everything and clean and things like that.”

Augusta Tomorrow is looking into projects like building apartments and hotels as well as renovating the Boat House, and expanding the Augusta Common.

They should have a complete plan by the end of the year.