Augusta to get more emergency warning sirens


There will be more ‘sounding of the alarm’ when it comes to emergencies in Augusta.

Tornados, severe wether and other dangerous events are not uncommon in the Garden City. Now Augusta is adding to its warning system to get the word out

Commissioners approved the installation of four new sirens.

The sirens will even include a voice alert system to let people know what the emergency is. 

This is seen as more tools to help keep the public safer.

“We’ll be able to put messages in the siren. Kind of tell you ‘lightning, stay inside’ or ‘possible heavy winds’. We’ll be able to put a message in. This is us using every means possible to communicate with our citizens,” says Fire Chief Chris James.  

Chief James says a FEMA grant is paying 100 thousand dollars of the sirens cost with the city paying about 50 thousand dollars. 

The plan is to put the sirens at The McBean Community Center, Diamond Lakes, Warren Road and May Park. 

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