Augusta Technical College hosts Veterans Hiring Fair


Qualified managers, recruiters and generalist gathered at Augusta Technical College.
They are providing up-to-date soft skills development to help our fellow soldiers with their transition from military service.

Courtney Spruiel a military spouse tells us she wants to learn “How to fill in the gaps on my resume. My husband was in for six years so I have a ton of gaps to fill in and to explain not working.”

Forces united held it’s employment transition boot camp. It helps job-seekers with various skills and resources to land a job after serving our country. Technical recruiter James Williams says, often times veterans have problems with the simple things we tend to overlook.

James Williams from Loop Recruiter says “They often want to know how to express their experience in civilian terms.”

This program also provides them with a critical part of any career search, a headshot.
Hillary Odom says it’s the least she can do in return for what these soldiers and veterans have done for us.

Odom says, “They’re coming in and they’re sitting down and I’m hearing their stories. The foot print that they are putting on my life. They’re giving me a lot more than what I feel I am giving to them.”

But it goes beyond the men and women who serve on the front line. It also focuses on the people who serve on the sidelines.

Spruiel says, “It’s kind of depressing because it feels like you haven’t been doing much for very long.”

Odom says breaking down the walls allows their new found confidence to show. “They’re not used to smiling in front of the camera and sometimes we have to take them away from that and train them to be more approachable in front of these employers; so that they look at them and say ‘This is someone I want to have in my organization’.”

Forces United will host another boot camp in the fall.

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