AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – “So every program that we offer we want to make sure there are local programs for those community members if there’s not a local job attached to it, we’re not going to offer it,” said Jermaine Whirl, Augusta Technical College President

During a ceremony Tuesday, leaders with Augusta Tech and the Savannah River National Laboratory signed a memorandum, to provide more jobs to students.

“They’ll be able to not only do college, but also go to work at the same time and get those hands on opportunities and so I will say for those that are interested as we get ready for spring semester there’s going to be a lot of publicity and marketing to recruit that incoming class and I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for those who are interested,” said Whirl.

The partnership will give students opportunities to work in fields that include information technology, electrical training, robotics, and others.

“We need  to grow out laboratory Technician partnership most expressly that’s immediate need and a national security terms. That’s anything from nuclear engineering technology through chemistry all the way to cyber security needs,” Tammy Taylor, Associate Laboratory Director Global Security.

The goal is to grow the national laboratory workforce.

“The careers in a national laboratory are incredibly rewarding and they can be incredibly long so you can be very stable in this community at an employer that’s just across the river,” said Taylor.

20 students from Augusta tech will also participate in an apprenticeship program with Savannah River National Laboratory in January.