Augusta talks ambulance service, is deal possible?


Augusta Commissioners are  looking for answers when it comes to the state of  the discussions with the subcomittee working  with  gold cross on a possible ambulance deal. 
“I haven’t heard anything about that we had a committee that was suppose to go out and look at that hey haven’t brought up back anything, that bothers me to,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Augusta and Gold Cross have clashed as the city  pushed efforts for the state to take the ambulance zone away from Gold Cross and give it to Augusta, but now  some city leaders say progress has been made on a deal that would include the city again provider Gold Cross with a subsidy to provide ambulance service. 

“Gold Cross is willing to play ball they want to be a true partner with the city they want to give up the zone,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom. 

In the past the city was paying Gold Cross nearly a million dollar a year subsidy, Frantom. says it wold be much lower this time. 

“450 Thousand dollars  600 thousand somewhere in there much lower,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom. 

It takes two to tango but Gold Cross is open to a lower subsidy. 

Is 450 thousand dollars subsidy number is that correct?”

“That’s what’s been discussed for year one,” said 

And what about the Ambulance zone.

“You would turn over the zone to the city?”

 “We would not fight it,” says Brogdon.

But other Commissioners feel now is not the time to discuss the negotiations. 

“And right now now is not the time talk about it in public because it’s still going through a negotiation process,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six 

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