Augusta, GA (WJBF)- The new year is coming up and that means New Year’s resolutions. The most popular resolutions involve getting healthy. Now, a weight loss surgeon in Augusta has developed an app to help people with those goals.

It’s called HealClub and it takes a holistic approach to health– meaning both physical and emotional.

The app gives you a custom meal plan, articles on physical and mental health and weight loss, a custom exercise plan, water tracker and personal coaching.

When you download the app and choose your membership, you will take a quiz that will allow the app to begin to customize the information for you.

Dr. Francisco Jacome developed the app and he said he did it because people were looking to unreliable sources for weight loss information.

“And what I found out is that people find the help on Facebook. Find the help on Instagram. They find the help on TikTok. Although there are some specific places that will give you good help, most of them don’t guide you,” explained Dr. Jacome.

The app is a smart app. People can remove ingredients they don’t like or are allergic too. Eventually, the app will quit putting those ingredients in the daily meal plans.

The same goes for exercise. People can choose their ability level when setting the app up. As they complete the workouts, they give the app feedback on how difficult the exercises were for them to do. This allows the app to customize a workout that will push people without exercises that could cause an injury.

Dr. Jacome told NewsChannel 6 that diet and exercise are only part of a healthy weight loss journey.

“It may be that you have a tendency for depression for how your relationship for food goes with depression. Or with stress or with anxiety. So it takes all those factors into account and helps you learn how to change your behavior based on how you act,” he said.

The app is currently in a beta phase, meaning it’s still being developed. Dr. Jacome said eventually the app will be linked to your doctor, who can monitor your progress and input information to help the app give you a more personalized experience.

There are two types of memberships. One is free and one you pay for that provides more options. HealClub is available for download now in both the App Store and Google Play.

CLICK HERE for the HealClub website.