Augusta streetlight fee changes approved


it’s a plan that we first reported on last Friday.  
it calls for  a fee of 85-dollars for residential customers and 107 for commercial properties. 

Commissioners first rejected commissioner Sammie Sias proposal to set the fee at  87-dollars for residential  properties and 131 for commercial.
under the Sias proposal all property owners would have paid even if they didn’t have street lights.
Guillfoyle’s proposal only includes those currently street light payers but with one big exception. 
 For the first  street light fees bills will go  to -exempt- properties like churches and non profits. 

 “Anybody who has street lights they are getting a service out of it it’s no difference then our property tax were paying for certain services that hopefully we would render as far as the streetlights in it’s self we get the protection here at our office with the streetlight at night that provides a service that I’m willing to pay for,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

The proposal passed seven to three and  brings in enough revenue to cover the costs of turning on the lights, an enough to pay down the  the current one point two million dollar deficit in the streetlight fund over a seven year time period.
last week the tax commissioner stated if commissioners got something done today the changes will be on this year’s tax bills.  

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