AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s about time for the 45th Augusta St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an event that brings people and dollars downtown.

“A lot of the businesses appreciate the extra traffic that comes down here certainly with retail but definitely for food and beverage,” said Sean Mooney of the Irish American Heritage Society.

The parade draws a crowd and this year organizers are asking the city for some green of about $3,500 to pay the costs of extra deputies needed to provide security.

“Obviously very important to maintain a secure parade route and we certainly appreciate all the police officers who come but as the parade grows so do the costs,” said Mooney.

Parades are easy to love, but some Augusta commissioners are not in love with this request. 

“If we start giving it to one person, then we have to look at giving it to other organizations or social clubs or whatever,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

Augusta has lots of parades. Martin Luther King Day, Veterans Day, Christmas, Juneteenth, the Pride parade, so this could add up to more than just $3,500 for St Patrick’s Day.  

“What’s the big deal is what will happen over time, and we’re just not going to fall into that category, because we know once you open the door all comers will be coming,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

There is not a lot of time until March 17, so what happens if the luck is not with the Irish. 

“This parade will continue with or without the funding as we said this is just an opportunity to partner with the city if we don’t get it this year hopefully, we can work on it next year,” said Mooney.

Looking for some green on the day of wearing it.