AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Some are now fretting about the future of ambulance service in Augusta.

“This contract might end up costing us more than what we had on the table last week with less service so just a very difficult situation over the next nine days,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Augusta commissioners have voted to apply to the state to be a designated ambulance zone provider for the county. But to be considered, the city must have a signed contract with a qualified ambulance provider.

Now to find a company, the city has put out a request for proposals to get bids, but supporters of Gold Cross are not in favor of this development. 

“And now we’re going to go out for bids with other companies, lord knows how that’s going to work out,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

The requests for proposals will remain open until February 6, but February 10 is the deadline to have an ambulance deal signed so the city can apply to the state to get the ambulance zone.

“There are a lot of moving parts here you know we’ve been working on this Gold Cross contract for years, so how are we going to do it in four days?” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.  

“We’re definitely in a very difficult situation, I’m one commissioner, but I’m just not going to approve a deal to approve a deal next week if it’s not a good deal,” said Commissioner Frantom.

Meanwhile, commissioners on Tuesday are scheduled to formalize the agreement with Gold Cross to provide month-to-month service until a permanent replacement is approved.