AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – A 13-year-old is now behind bars after an armed robbery at a Gamestop, it’s part of a recent trend of crimes involving young people.

“Its hard to watch the news every night and see those young people commit violent acts,” President of the Rotary Club of Augusta Dr. Faye Hargrove said.

Augusta Rotary Club members are stepping up and taking action following violence in the community.

“We can actually be a part of the solution and so we are going to attempt this year to use our resources to be a part of the solution to bring locally in our community,” Hargrove said.

Rotary Club members said they hope to reduce the amount of young people involved in crime by getting them involved in organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

“Through a scout troop there’s a since of connection, a sense of family, a place to go and a place to belong. So to me this is a natural starting point,” Hargrove said.

Through their initiative ‘ Peace through Scouting’ they aim to keep kids engaged in programs and off the streets.

“We want to get more involved with scouting programs and so not only providing dollars, but the time and skill sets that some of our Rotarians have in order to help these youth have different outcomes than they would have otherwise,” Community Services Chair Brittany Burnett said.

President of the Rotary Club of Augusta, Dr. Faye Hargrove said they would also like to partner with schools to make it easier for kids to get involved.

“We’d like to partner with the school systems to make it easy for kids at elementary and middle school to join troops and provide transportation and buy the uniforms for them so that we’re removing barriers.”