AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It was a vote that will pay off for thousands of Augusta property owners. 

“Most of them are not going to see an increase in their taxes some obviously will it’s a huge win in Augusta,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Commissioners meeting by Zoom for the expected finalizing of the rollback tax rate.

“Today was a little scary, we got on that Zoom meeting and we only had six of us on there. I started to get a little nervous,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

There were six commissioners there, and It takes six votes to approve a commission item. When the rollback vote was taken, only five voted yes, not once but twice. 

“I don’t know what was going on there, that is what threw us into a failed motion,” said Commissioner McKnight.

The failed vote had supporters of the rollback picking up their phones to find at least one more member to get on the line to vote yes.

“You got on the phone who did you call?”  

“Commissioner Garrett,” said Frantom.

Commissioner Dennis Williams was the no vote, saying it was not to obstruct, but to make a point.  

“We can’t always appease the general public or the public in our circles; we have to do what’s right and beneficial in the long run for the entire community,” said Commissioner Williams.   

As more commissioners joined the Zoom, the rollback was approved on the third vote with even Commissioner Williams voting yes, this time. 

“Came around on the last vote, to be a member of the team,” said Commissioner Williams.

“It’s his right, he’s got a few months left, enjoyed it, wish him well,” said Commissioner Frantom. 

“He kept you in that meeting longer?”

A few minutes got it done,” he said.  

With the vote now, city tax bills can go out later this month.