Augusta Richmond County releases information about park inspections and maintenance

The spokesperson for the Augusta-Richmond County sent NewsChannel 6 the following information about park inspections and maintenance: 
The city of Augusta, Georgia, strives to create a safe environment for the public and employees. Several safety-related policies are in place that enable department heads to direct staff to perform regular inspections of respective facilities.
The city’s Central Services Department has the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep of all buildings and outdoor park facilities (except for Augusta Fire Department and Augusta Utilities Department, by request only). Individual departments utilize the city’s 311 portal for submission of facility-related service requests, unless they are capable of making direct input into the City Works system.
Inside the Recreation and Parks Department, recreation center directors perform daily visual inspections of their facilities.
Staff perform their inspections based upon the Recreation, Parks and Facilities Policy Manual, including:
3.4 – Athletics Division
3.4.1 – General Information
                B. Will inspect all fields, gyms, and surrounding areas for safety hazards, property damages, and general upkeep of each area.
3.4.10 – Field Supervision – Field supervision involves the general inspection of the playing field or facility and the surrounding areas for safety hazards, property damages and the general cleanliness of the area.
                A. Athletic Coordinators must record any maintenance work needed. – Facility Information
                I. Make a safety check of equipment and facility.
The department’s Parks Safety Officer also coordinates safety training for staff to promote an overall safer environment. The current safety officer for this department has also obtained certification as a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.
Inside the city’s Risk Management Division, a division of the Finance Department, the Safety and Training Coordinator performs an annual safety evaluation on each facility utilizing the Risk Management Annual Facilities Safety/Maintenance Evaluation Report. This process evaluates:
          Administration & Housekeeping
          Injury, Health & Property Damage Hazard
          General Maintenance.
The evaluation criteria is based upon the city’s Personnel, Policy & Procedures Manual:
Section 1100.011
A.      Responsible for all aspects of safety within their respective departments.
B.      Appoint a department Safety Officer. At this time, full-time positions exist inside the Risk Management Division, the Recreation and Parks Department, and the Augusta Utilities Department.

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