Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – At the tax Assessors office it’s a common thing to hear right now, this property value assessment can’t be right.

“I think the assessment was excessive, it was about 51 percent, higher than the taxes last year, so that is why I thought I needed to ask some questions,” said Carolyn Robinson.

Carolyn Robinson is not alone. some 58 thousand property owners across Augusta are seeing their property values skyrocket   reflecting what has been going on in the housing market.

This is unusual, I think a typical, increases every year inflationary somewhere between three and five percent, so seeing close to 18 to 20 percent increase in a year is unusual,” said Scott Roundtree, Chief Appraiser.  

For property owners when your value goes up so can you tax bill and this year that can be a lot.

“Well, it increases it by 400 dollars, 400 dollars, that is why it is excessive, that is why I thought I needed to ask questions,” said Robinson.

Commissioners on Tuesday told the Chief Appraiser they are getting complaints about the reassessments.

“It is a sticker shock for sure, but like I said it’s the first stop in this process we’ll see what happens next,” said Roundtree.

Property owners have until July 5th to file an appeal.

The Tax Appraiser’s office says it’s not their decision to increase property values, it is following   a state requirement.

“We are audited by the Department of Audits annually and the Department of Revenue to make sure we’re keeping our values as close to fair marker current fair market as possible,” said Roundtree.  

Even if that does not seem fair to all owners.