AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With Masters Week approaching, Augusta Regional Airport is checking off its to-do list.

Workers at the airport are getting ready for what they said might be the biggest turnout at the Masters since the start of the pandemic.

“Master’s Week is, of course, the busiest week that we have at the airport,” said Lauren Smith, the assistant director of marketing and public relations at the Augusta Regional Airport.

The airport is bringing in additional flights and staff, and so are its affiliates.

“That includes the airlines, rental cars, TSA,” Smith said. “Everybody brings in additional staff and makes sure everything is ready, sitting on go for that busy week.”

It’s also bringing back third-party services to help with air traffic control and ground safety.

“To help make sure we can navigate and park as many planes out here safely as we can,” Smith said.

More people coming and going, means more flight options if you’re looking to get out of town that week.

“It’s a great opportunity for locals to go and fly out,” Smith said. “Everybody’s vacating their homes for rentals and it’s spring break for the kids, so it’s the perfect opportunity to take a vacation. “

But there are some warnings.

“During Masters week, please give yourself at least three hours, to give yourself enough time to get through the parking, check-in process, screening, and time to sit and relax before you get on your flight,” Smith said.

And be prepared for some traffic.

“This is really the first full-blown Masters post-COVID,” she said. “So, we are really looking forward to getting back to the real Masters traffic that we see. In years past, we kind of had to alter to a smaller number of people, and we’re excited to get the numbers back up.”

Airport staff have been building on their experience from previous years, and believe they are ready for a safe and smooth 2023 Masters Tournament. To see a list of direct flights the airport is offering during Masters Week, click here.